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The fresh new Awesome or maybe not: Like Tinder, but simply for entertainment. Before there seemed to be Tinder or good Cupid, before there clearly was facebook or twitter or MySpace, there was clearly AmIHotOrNot.

Made in 2000 by two engineering students new regarding U.C. Berkeley, they hit on a simple human truth those other services would after take advantage of: there will be something seriously rewarding about knowing some others based upon their own footage.

Eventually referred to the larger workable title warm or maybe not, it just about disappeared with, as well other cyberspace 1.0 amazing things. However it’s straight back, and looking for its because share of this event it assisted birth.

Scorching or perhaps not has changed fingers several times over time, but since 2012, the brand has been the property of Andrey Andreev, a Russian-born megamillionaire and president of this online dating and marketing program Badoo.

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